Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home Parishioners!

Well, we've been back in the Church for Masses for three weeks. It's good to see your masked faces!
Many people have told me they watched the wonderful video with Fr. John showing all of the work done to get the Church ready to safely welcome people back.

If you are homebound still sheltering-in-place because you are high risk and you are lonely, please give me a call in the office 440-331-4255. I know how "loneliness" feels and everyone needs someone to talk to sometime. The members of St. Christopher parish are praying for those unable to attend Mass.

So what do you think of our "new Mass normal"?

It is different- but it's THE Mass and that makes it very comforting.
Personally, I really miss singing. I'm one of those people who believes that singing is a great way to pray- so I LIKE to sing.

What part of our "new normal" is difficult for you?

I have another question but it's not about Mass-do you read any Catholic blogs? If so, please send the titles back to me perhaps we can add them as links to this one.

To share your perspective or opinion just click the COMMENT button at the bottom of the post. YOU CAN COMMENT on anything you want! It's true, you really can!

I am hoping that you will send feedback with your reactions from the daily and/or the weekend masses. 

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My goal is to give everyone a voice to be heard by others.  I really enjoy trying to connect with parishioners.
And I really hope that you will leave comments- we can only learn from each other and STAY IN TOUCH if we communicate. We truly are all in this together and I am honored to be in with this great group. Be well...Stay safe.

Peace and all Good, my friends, 

Monday, June 1, 2020

The Experience of Shelter-in-Place for the Companions of St Christopher

Welcome to the Companions of St Christopher blog. The main reason for this blog is to engage with YOU, ask for your feedback, and provide information on faith and hearing the call from Jesus. Parishioners are unable to respond to items in the Parish Bulletin unless they call or email the source. With our blog everyone can respond and other people will have the opportunity to respond to you as we all share our thoughts and ideas.

In this first blog- we want to focus on the two months of sheltering-in-place. What was that like for you? 
·      How did you connect with God during this time? 
·      Where was God for you as you sheltered with spouse or other family members; or maybe you were alone. 
·      What feelings were you aware of? Were you surprised by the feelings?
·      How did God work through you or provide a path to action on a larger scale?
·      Maybe you read some spiritual books, religious texts, scripture?
·      Has this experience changed you in any way?

I have found myself to be somewhat lost. I am a “people person” and because of the virus I can’t see people. It makes me question my ministry and what more could I do to reach out to others. (Start a blog!!!!!!)

Did you have any unique experiences? Family in the hospital or a nursing home?

My mom's health took a negative turn. On April 2 she woke up, she was unable to speak intelligibly and she was very lethargic. The decision was made to refer her to hospice so on April 3, she became a patient of Holy Family Hospice at home. She died in the early morning of April 14. We realized that the wake would be just my dad, us four "children," spouses and grandchildren. My cousins and my aunts weren't able to come, my mom’s former business partners could not come; it was a soul crushing experience to not have any outside support when a loved one dies. The sense of alone-ness one feels at the loss of a parent or child is amplified when no one is allowed to come near.

So what say you?

Together, WE are all St Christopher… We do not attend Church; WE ARE THE CHURCH.